5 Features Of A Top-Grade Undergraduate Dissertation About Social Work

After having spent months of researching and writing your undergraduate dissertation about social work you have finally come up to the revision, editing and proofreading stages and need to ensure that you are making your undergraduate dissertation into the best academic document it can be. Here are the top five features of a great undergraduate dissertation:

  1. It has a Clear and Specific Thesis/Hypothesis
  2. After you have written the first draft of your dissertation document you will have a better idea of what you are making the argument for. This is your chance to revise your thesis statement (hypothesis) so that if fits your research work precisely. Make sure that your statement is written clearly. Avoid confusing conjunctions and always edit to make your case in the most direct and clear as way as possible.

  3. It is Argumentative and Has Supporting Evidence
  4. Your dissertation can not just be an overview on social work. You must present an original and interesting argument that can be logically opposed. You should provide plenty of supporting evidence for your argument but you should also provide discussion points on the opposition to demonstrate that you’ve considered multiple sides.

  5. It is Well-Structured and Logically Organized
  6. There are a number of mistakes undergraduate students make when they work on an academic document of this type. One of the most common is submitting a poorly structured or illogically organized dissertation. By nature these kinds of documents will have several sections and consist of several dozens of pages. If you don’t take the time to revise and ensure your argument is easy to understand you will certainly be penalized for poor writing.

  7. Has No Grammar, Spelling, and Punctuation Errors
  8. It’s amazing to review so many social work dissertations today and still find a number of them filled with so many errors because the students that submitted them did not spend the appropriate amount of time proofreading for errors. Even the best writers make mistakes, so why shouldn’t you think that you will find several if you conduct a thorough reading. Review your work at the paper, paragraph, and the sentence level.

  9. It is Concise with No Fluff or Unnecessary Writing
  10. Finally a great dissertation on social work will not contain any unnecessary, or “fluff” as it is so often called. You don’t want to give the illusion that you have written more than is necessary to cover your topic. Get right to the point of your writing. Content that isn’t concise and direct has no place in this level of writing.

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