A List Of Brilliant Topics For A PhD Thesis Paper In Psychology In India

Psychology in India is the psychological approach based on concepts and ideas developed for thousands of years within the Indian sub-continent. Meditation, yogic practices, self-actualization and the achievement of nirvana–a state of nothingness–are well-known concepts that originated in India.

Westerners can learn a lot from the old scriptures and practices developed in India. Just recently the East, focused on achieving a state of no-mind, and the West, focused on using the mind as an ally, are merging towards a holistic psychology of the 21st century.

If you’re planning to write your PhD thesis paper in psychology in India, you’re facing a challenging, interesting, and highly-relevant subject for our times. But how can one find a brilliant topic with so much history and current relevancy to pick from?

The following shows you 15 fantastic ideas for psychology topics to pick from or be inspired by.

  1. How integral yoga and Buddhism can increase well-being and reduce mental stress
  2. A study in Gandhi: Suffering as an approach to being
  3. The psychology behind sitting meditation: a comparison from selected texts
  4. The nature of samsara and it’s psychological use for the West
  5. The state of no-mind: a conceptual study
  6. How autogenic relaxation techniques can cure cancer
  7. Meditation and altered states of consciousness
  8. The nature of Brahman: a comparative study
  9. How meditation increases attention and conscious awareness
  10. Sexuality and sexual attitudes in India: a study based on the work of Amit Abraham
  11. Sudhir Kakar and the relationship between psychoanalysis and mysticism
  12. The development of integral psychology in India: The work of Indra Sen
  13. Scientific methods of Indian psychology
  14. Happiness and meditation: a comparative study
  15. The Dharma and it’s practical use for cancer patients from the West

Still not inspired? Here are a few more ideas to consider:

Try linking themes and ideas from Indian psychology and Western psychology. Can they come together? Can ancient Indian ideas like yoga and meditation be used in Western psychology practices? Try indicating possibilities for the different approaches to come together, find common ground and point out similarities.

How come some Western schools of psychology completely neglect the usefulness of ancient Indian practices? That’s another potential topic to consider for your PhD thesis paper.

Whatever topic you choose, make sure to find enough quotable sources and keep the scope workable, meaning don’t try do to too little or too much.

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