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Many students are advised to write the introduction of a dissertation last, when all other parts have been written and students have a better idea of what their projects ultimately ended up being. This is a great strategy but it still leaves many scratching their heads because more often than not students haven’t had to write a dissertation introduction ever before. And now they are left to their own devices trying to come up with the right words to introduce their most important academic work up this point in their lives. If this sounds familiar to you then you should consider this piece of advice: find a good dissertation introduction example to reference and learn from. It’s as simple as that, and here are some good places to find one:

  • Professional Academic Writing Services
  • To get a customized dissertation introduction written from scratch, there is no better place to search than with a professional academic writing service. There are hundreds of great companies to choose from online. All you have to do is find one that meets all of your needs and demonstrates a long work history of providing top notch services to its clients.

  • Freelance Academic Service Providers
  • Another great option for getting a customized example is to hire a freelance academic writer. It’s easy to find one on a freelance service site. Simply post your project and ask for proposals. You will have the opportunity to review profiles, check past work, and read blog at Choose the person who you feel is the most qualified to provide you with a good dissertation introduction example.

  • Online Community Discussion Boards
  • A free resource that can provide you with a number of examples or at least directions to where you can access free examples is the online community. Academic discussion boards or chatrooms are great places to meet with educators and students from all over the world to exchange ideas and resources. You can expect to receive several responses in the first day alone, so be sure to do this early so you can get off to a good start right from the beginning.

  • Archive Copies of Published Dissertations
  • Finally, don’t forget about the thousands of dissertations that have been written at your college institution throughout its history. Those published dissertations are all archived and kept physically at the library or as electronic downloads in the library’s databases. Find a copy within your discipline, preferably one dealing closely with your subject and done recently to ensure the nuances of proper formatting and structure are the same as what is expected by you.

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