Tried And Tested Doctoral Thesis Writing Tips To Save Your Time

All postgraduates want to spend a little time but receive a good project at the end. Procrastination is a usual thing in the process of writing a doctoral thesis that lasts for long months but time flies and quite soon you realize that it’s necessary to complete the project as soon as possible. What can you do?

Tips on Quick and Effective Thesis Writing

  1. Choose a topic.
  2. If you want to get through the writing quickly, don’t choose a topic that researches something completely new in your area of studying. Pick out a topic that will let you finish working quickly and with minimal efforts. Make sure that you won’t wish to change it later.

  3. Collect sources and compose a proposal.
  4. Visit a library and search through the Internet to find several useful reference sources. You don’t need many at this stage of your work. You just need to compose a short proposal and show it to your supervisor. It’s very important to have it checked and corrected by your supervisor as soon as possible because a good strong proposal will save you a lot of time.

  5. Compose an outline.
  6. After the proposal is agreed, you need to compose a detailed outline and think carefully what you’re going to write in each of the points. At this stage, you will need to visit the library again and see what you can find there on each of the questions you’re going to discuss.

  7. Collect more sources.
  8. You need to remember that you just can’t collect everything on your topic. A week of intensive working with libraries and the Internet will do. You shouldn’t waste much time on searching for sources; you’d better start working on the research.

  9. Start writing.
  10. If you have already collected the reference information, you can get down to writing. Depending on your personal promptness, you can handle up to three or four chapters of your doctoral project within a week. Two months are enough to prepare a good strong draft and have it checked by your supervisor.

The Process of Quick Thesis Writing

You need to have breaks between the chapters of your thesis but each of them should better be written in one go, avoiding a mess in your head. While you’re writing one chapter, forget about all the others, formatting rules, or other details. Focusing on each of the chapters accurately, you can handle them quickly, without wasting time, and quite successfully.

Use Ideas

Get More Ideas

Plan. Structure. Write. Edit.

Organize Your Process

Format Your Paper

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