An Overview Of The Best Dissertation Topics For Marketing

For a good dissertation project, it is essential to choose an interesting topic on which literature is available. Such assignments should be narrowed to something specific keeping in mind the amount of time and cost available. In case of a marketing dissertation topic, it should be remembered that we should have clear aims and objectives along with the setting of where the research took place. They are usually of two forms, either by focusing upon collecting and analyzing data or upon secondary data only. The dissertation topics given below include a variety of issues related to marketing and such so there is a wide range of choice for you to choose your topic.

  1. How to improve marketing relationships with customers?
  2. Branding: How does it work in reality?
  3. How does online marketing work?
  4. What are the ethical limitations of branding and other advertisements?
  5. Influence of Advertisement on consumer.
  6. Factors affecting competition in various advertisements.
  7. How do social networking sites help in marketing products? What is the reason behind creating a social media page for every brand?
  8. How does the outward packaging or the advertising of a product affect its sales?
  9. Consumer Psychology – what factors contribute to a better sale between two different products of the same kind?
  10. The concept of online video advertisements and what contributes to its popularity?
  11. Western advertising to eastern customers – does it work?
  12. Should celebrities take responsibility for the kind of advertisements they do?
  13. How does product quality affect customer loyalty and what could be done to improve this?
  14. Gender stereotyping in advertisements.
  15. Unconventional advertisements that have won appreciation from people and critics.

However, if you want to create a topic of your own try viewing your syllabus from a different angle? Think about a unique approach you can give to a popular topic of discussion and if there are any insights you can provide for the same. Cover the chosen topic with depth and examples that are recent and can be authenticated with the help of your research. If possible, say something about a theory you have come up with by yourself.

All of these topics will be extremely easy to research and work upon, and will guarantee good results. Speak to a senior or your dissertation teacher for the proper choice of a topic and the needed methodology so as to make your marketing assignment a success.

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