Comprehensive Guidelines On A Biology Research Paper Thesis

Biology is a natural science that is about the life of all living organisms, including their function, structure, growth, and distribution. Despite many branches and subdivisions, biology is a coherent field that operates many unifying concepts. Writing a good biology research paper requires making up a strong thesis statement, which is actually a sentence that states your argument.

As a rule, you should place your thesis statement in the first paragraph of a paper. It may take up the whole paragraph but never be longer than that. Keep in mind also that your thesis should not be too broad so that you can manage the work. You need a thesis to define the scope of you study and explain to the reader what to expect from it.

How to Write a Biology Research Paper Thesis

A thesis statement is not a fact, but a claim you are going to prove with evidence. The following steps may help you think it up:

  • Think of your topic and of what your paper is going to be about.
  • For example, if your study is about abortion and its prevention, these two words are certainly candidates for being included in your thesis statement.

  • Make a claim in one sentence.
  • For example, “Prevention programs can stop abortion” would be a good one.

  • Revise the claim adding specific terms.
  • Example: “Early prevention programs are most effective to prevent abortion”.

  • Revise the statement one more time to set the limits of your work.
  • Example: “Among various early abortion prevention methods developed in the last decades, sex education in school is the most effective.”

If you have insurmountable difficulties with composing your biology thesis statement or writing the paper itself, consider hiring professional writers to do it. If you get assistance from this company, you will not need to worry about your study being written qualitatively and fast.

One Point About Your Biology Thesis You Should Know

Make your thesis statement adaptable so that you can change it in the course of writing. Doing research, you may come across new information that doesn’t fit in within the original scope of your plan. Include this information in your paper if necessary, shifting the focus of your thesis a bit.

Your teacher may not require a thesis statement for your paper, but writing it is an important skill you should master. Composing a thesis, you should demonstrate your own way of thinking about the topic rather than reproducing other people’s ideas.

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