A Detailed Manual On How To Compose A Dissertation Bibliography

What is a dissertation bibliography?

The list of the resources that an individual employs while carrying his research work is termed as Bibliography. It includes the name of the author, the titles of works carried, all the names along with location of the various companies and the sources of copies.

How to compose a bibliography?

First of all stay to the point. It should be written in such a way that any individual can retrieve the desired paper easily without being hassled. Ensure that in the citation, the volume number and issue numbers are explicitly written. On the other hand if you are writing a topic on technical subjects, include the name of the institution and all the tech reports. This way the readers will be easily able to find the reference works. It should also include the department number and the page number.

  • Stay consistent: Several papers with same conference number should be appeared with the same type settings. Same author should be appeared with the same name.
  • All the information appeared on web are not always accurate: Hence make wise use of web and cross check before writing your bibliography section.
  • Stay updated regarding the changes: Some conferences change their name. Hence acknowledge them (e.g. Workshop earlier, Symposium after the change).If some conference proceedings are published as a journal, for the benefits of the author, update it in your bibliography section as conference proceedings, journal, article, book etc.
  • Be concise: Conferences should be written with the shortest name as they can be easily identified that way. Furthermore typesetting also denotes whether you are talking about conference or journal. You should not use the field address of the publisher as it does not assist in locating the paper.
  • Format of Bibliography: Arrange the bibliography alphabetically. Each entry must begin with the author’s name, title of the work, name of the journal, publisher and the year of publication.
  • Different formats are used by different disciplines. For example students of Science use APA style while students of Humanities use MLA or Chicago style of formatting.

Some precautions while writing the bibliography:

Bibliography is basically a list of all the texts, graphics, ideas and data used. Hence you should take enough time to compile it. Write everything with caution. Ensure that you do not make any mistake with the year of publication, volume number etc., otherwise others will never be able to find the right resources on time. However, if you keep the above mentioned tips in your mind, an excellent dissertation bibliography can be produced.

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